Premier Industries introduces the Stable Set Pressure (SSP) regulator family, revolutionary new single-stage regulators with two-stage regulator performance. These new compact designs feature patent pending technology, which significantly reduces the decaying inlet pressure effectThe result: stable delivery pressure as the compressed gas source drains. No more need for manual readjustments or bulky and expensive two-stage regulators. These new compact, low-cost SSP regulators are offered in a variety of materials, pressure ranges, flows, configurations, and sizes (standard 2” diameter bodies and miniature sizes available). They are fitted with either stainless steel or soft diaphragms (neoprene or Teflon coated), and are designed for use with both corrosive and non-corrosive media. Stable Supply Pressure regulators are suited for use in a wide variety of industries worldwide.
In regards to the market for these regulators, our goal was to offer a regulator for anyone seeking improved single-stage regulator performance (similar to two stage performance) but with the cost and size similar to a traditional single-stage regulator.

The first two regulators of the SSP regulator family were released this month, the 2310N Series, and 2510N Series SSP Regulators.  Click the buttons to learn more about the 2310N Series  and 2510 Series  regulators.
Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for the 2310S and 2510S designs!