High Pressure Excess Flow Prevention Valve

high pressure excess flow valve
High Pressure, Excess Flow Prevention Valve

The Premier High Pressure Excess Flow Valve (EFPV_HP) is part of a family of unique factory adjustable gas valves designed to automatically shut off the flow of gas when flow exceeds a preset level. The valves are designed to protect systems and/or people in the event of a line failure down the stream from a valve. The Premier EFPV_HP can be positioned in line with a maximum pressure up to 2500 PSI. Flow rates can be preset at the factory location to meet customer specifications.

The EFPV_HP relies upon a change in internal pressure across a piston when flow increases to trip the valve. After a valve has tripped it can be reset with a convenient integrated bypass valve that will allow users to quickly get their systems back up and running after repairing the leak which cause the EFPV_HP to trip. The variety of available construction materials and porting configurations as well as the wide operating pressure range and factory adjustable trip point makes the EFPV_HP a remarkably flexible valve.


  •  Factory adjustable flow trip point
  •  Convenient integrated bypass valve
  •  Complete shut off when tripped (no bleed)
  •  2500 PSIG max inlet pressure
  •  Compact size
  •  Economical pricing
  •  Models are available for both corrosive and non-corrosive service
  •  Machined bar stock bodies eliminate porosity found in castings

Optional Items

  • Materials of construction
  • Anodized Colors for Aluminum Bodies
  • Private Label