High Pressure Valve with Bleed/Vent Valve

Premier 70AB Series shut off valves are stainless steel, high pressure shut off valves rated for pressures up to 10000 PSIG. 70AB Series valves feature a metal stop that prevents stem over-travel; the metal stop also functions as a secondary metal-to-metal seat should the soft seat fail. The bleed/vent valve enables users to bleed pressures downstream down to zero. Premier 70AB valves may be used in a wide variety of applications consistent with valve materials compatibility with media. Commonly used in purge applications.

  • Rated up to 10000 PSIG
  • A variety of port sizes and configurations
  • Low torque at high pressures
  • Metal stop prevents stem-over-travel
  • Can be used to bleed downstream pressure to 0
  • Private labeling