Premier 70G Series

High Pressure, Globe Pattern, Shut Off Valve

Premier 70AB high pressure shut off valves are rated for pressures up to 10000 psig (690 bar). Premier high pressure shut off valves feature a metal stop that prevents stem over-travel; the metal stop also functions as a secondary metal-to-metal seat should the soft seat fail. The bleed/vent valve enables users to bleed pressures downstream down to zero.

Premier 70G valves may be used in a wide variety of applications consistent with valve materials compatibility with media. Common applications include gas analysis sampling systems, GSE support pressure panels, research and development labs, manifolds, panels, and instrumentation among others.

  • Rated up to 10000 PSIG (689.5 bar)
  • Globe configuration
  • Low torque at high pressures
  • Bubble-tight shutoff
  • Private Label