System leaks can be costly, and even dangerous.  Premier High Sensitivity Excess Flow Prevention Valves (EFPV_HS) are unique factory adjustable gas valves designed to automatically shut off the flow of gas when flow exceeds a preset level. These valves are designed to protect against costly gas waste, harm to systems, and dangerous health hazards in the event of a line failure or other excessive flow situation downstream of the valve.
The EFPV_HS monitors gas flow by balancing a pressure differential across the valve. This pressure differential increases as the flow rate downstream of the valve increases. The flow of gas will remain uninterrupted until the flow increases past a calibrated limit (hence the term “excess flow”); if and when the flow rate exceeds this preset threshold, the EFPV_HS will become unbalanced, trip and shut-off flow to the system. Reaching the threshold indicates a leak or other excessive flow situation downstream of the valve. Once the leak in the system is repaired, the EFPV-HS can be reset using the convenient integrated reset valve/slider, allowing users to quickly and easily get their systems back up and running.
Premier High Sensitivity Excess Flow Prevention Valves operate on systems between and 200 PSIG (0.34 and 13.79 bar), offering a wide range of factory adjustable trip points. Once the valve is tripped, the flow of gas will be completely shut off (no bleed), offering improved safety and security for the system and its users.
  • Factory adjustable flow trip point
  • Convenient integrated reset valve/slider
  • Operates at pressures between 5 and 200 PSIG (0.34-13.79 bar) 
  • Complete shut off when tripped (no bleed)
  • High sensitivity version allows for low system pressure, low flow trip points, and increased trip point stability as system pressure varies
  • Compact size
  • Models are available for both corrosive and non-corrosive service
  • Machined bar stock components eliminate porosity found in castings