Miniature, Fixed Flow, Piston Sensed, Pressure Reducing Regulators

The Premier Industries 2701 Series regulator is a fixed flow, piston sensed regulator, in a compact economical package; a reliable and cost-effective solution for specialty gas, and transportable cylinder applications. Premier 2701 Series regulators are available with preset flow settings from 0.1 LPM to 4.0 LPM; they are offered in a variety of materials and configurations for smooth integration into your application. Flows are set using a unique integrated flow adjustment valve prior to shipment. Dependent upon the configuration of the regulator, Premier 2701 Series regulators are designed to handle inlet pressures up to 3000 PSIG (206.84 bar).

  • Compact size, economical pricing
  • Same proven technology as the original 2700 Series design, same supply pressure effect, materials of construction, and maximum pressure ratings.
  • Factory preset flow settings from 0.1 liters/min to 4.0 liters/min
  • Optional integrated rotary shut-off valve with Teflon® seat for easy shut-off.
  • 3000 PSIG (206.84 bar) max inlet (dependent upon configuration)
  • Multiple porting options
  • Suited for calibration gases & industrial hygiene monitors
  • Models are available for both reactive and non-reactive gas mixtures to meet all your calibration requirements
  • Machined bar stock body, and bonnet eliminates porosity found in castings
  • Gauges
  • Integrated shut-off valve
  • Sealing materials
  • Private label