Two Stage, Diaphragm Sensed, Pressure Reducing Regulator

Premier 4500 Series regulators share the same features as Premier 2500 Series regulators, except, the 4500 Series regulators two stage design offers more precise outlet pressure control and a significantly decreased supply pressure effect (decaying inlet characteristic). These diaphragm sensed regulators control inlet pressures up to 3000 PSIG (206.84 bar); they are available with a flow capacity of Cv 0.08 or 0.2, and either a stainless steel or neoprene diaphragm. Premier 4500 Series regulators are available in 316 stainless steel, brass, nickel plated brass, and aluminum.
Typical applications include: cylinder bottle applications, gas and liquid chromatography, high purity carrier gases, zero, span, and calibration gases, lecture bottle applications, research and development labs, low flow purge systems, and industrial controls.

  • Very competitive pricing
  • Compact versions available with body diameter of 1.5 in. x 5.5 in. long
  • Machined bar stock body eliminates porosity found in castings
  • Reduced particle contamination with 15 micron valve cartridge filter
  • Stable set pressures as cylinder pressure is reduced
  • Interstage relief valve
  • Stainless diaphragm option minimizes inboard diffusion of air into regulator
  • Captured bonnet vent (standard)
  • Anodized Colors for Aluminum Bodies & Bonnets
  • Captured Bonnet Vent
  • Gauges
  • Panel Mount Bonnet & Nut
  • Outlet Shut Off Valve
  • Private Label