Premier 2500DLB Series

Dome Loaded / Bias Spring, Single Stage, Diaphragm Sensed, Pressure Reducing Regulators

Premier 2500DLB Series dome loaded/bias spring, single stage, diaphragm sensed, pressure reducing regulators, are rated for inlet pressure up to 3000 PSIG (206.84 bar), load pressures up to 500 PSIG (34.47 bar), and Cv 0.08 or 0.20. 2500DLB Series regulators are elastomer free and designed for use in tracking applications.

  • Compatible with electro pneumatic controllers
  • Elastomer free
  • Designed for tracking applications
  • 3000 PSIG (206.84 bar) max inlet pressure
  • Cv 0.08 or 0.20
  • Non-venting
  • Gauge
  • Private label