Premier P91W Series | Mity Mite Replacement

mity mite replacement regulator
mity mite regulator
mity mite replacement regulator
mity mite replacement regulator
Dome Loaded, Back Pressure Regulators (replacement for Mity Mite 91W)

The dome loaded Premier P91W Series serves as a replacement for the Mity Mite 91W, and features a new and improved diaphragm seal. The P91W Series dome-loaded, back pressure regulator operates to maintain a constant upstream pressure by sensing the upstream pressure and limiting it through constant throttling.  The dome must be charged (externally) from a gas pressure source; two NPT connections are available (1 for dome loading and the second for an optional gauge). The P91W Series features a control pressure range of 100-2000 PSIG (6.89 – 137.9 bar) / 100-3000 PSIG (6.89 – 206.84 bar), Gylon® 3522 diaphragm, Cv: 0.38 or 0.17 and can be used to control both gases and liquids as compatible with the materials of construction.

  • New and improved PTFE diaphragm seal
  • External dome load
  • Cv: 0.38 or 0.17
  • Machined bar stock body, bonnet and piston eliminates porosity found in castings
  • Optional precharge isolation valves available
  • Precharge isolation valves
  • Gauges
  • Private label