Not all systems are the same, “off the shelf” products may not be acceptable for many applications. If you don’t see a standard Premier product that meets your needs, please contact us; we would be happy to help you with a custom design or modification.

Our engineering team is highly responsive with years of regulator design experience, enabling us to turn around custom designs quickly and efficiently. Designing and manufacturing custom, high-quality regulators has been the core of our business for many years, we are happy to move forward with you to find innovative solutions.

Give us a call at 763.786.4020 or e-mail us at We are excited to work with you.


    • A wide selection of materials (with varying weights, strengths, degrees of corrosion resistance, etc.) flow capacities, and inlet/outlet pressure ranges.
    • Optional port alignments, port sizes/types
    • Products suited for pressure ranges from vacuum to 20,000 PSIG+.
    • Optional laser etched parts.
    • A variety of venting options (non-venting, captured venting, self-venting, etc.)
    • Designs for use with harsh & reactive media (hypergolic propellants, supercritical fluids, etc.)
    • Dome and air-loaded regulators for use with electro-pneumatic controllers for precision and automation.
    • A variety of mounting options to integrate seamlessly into your desired application: surface mounting, panel nuts, panel mounting brackets, flanges, etc.
    • Optional laminar flow clean bench assembly, testing, and packaging.
    • Optional material certifications.
    • A wides selection of accessories/adapters:
      • Gauges
      • Shut off valves
      • Integrated shut off valves
      • Integrated relief valves
      • Purge blocks
      • Excess flow valves
      • Solenoids
      • Transducers