Demand Flow Regulator
Demand Flow Regulator with transducer

Optional transducer

Compact, Single Stage, Demand Flow Regulator (Vacuum Actuated Regulator)

Premier 4903 demand flow regulators save you time & money on calibrations by transferring the precise amount of gas required by a pump drawn instrument. As long as the pump is active, the regulator will remain “open” and gas will flow. When the pump stops, the regulator will turn off. The result? Less wasted gas, and lower calibration costs. These compact demand flow regulators eliminate the need for shut off valves, sample bags, or specially trained operators, making your calibrations quick & easy.
The compact and economical Premier 4903 regulator is available with your choice of stainless steel or aluminum body and a selection of diaphragm, seat, and sealing materials to suit a variety of calibration gas requirements. Premier 4903 Series demand flow regulators permit reduced testing time, with their ability to begin flow of gas at less than 3” H20 vacuum.
Commonly used with: portable gas detectors, gas analyzers, calibration gases, and pump drawn instruments.

  • Compact size (2” diameter x 1.7” high)
  • Stainless steel bodies and wetted components provide minimum degradation to cylinder gases.
  • Stainless steel units are available for both corrosive and non-corrosive service
  • Machined bar stock bodies eliminate porosity found in castings
  • Reduced particle contamination with 40 Micron stainless steel inlet filter
  • Very competitive pricing
  • CGA Connections
  • Porting configuration
  • Private label