Two Stage, Fixed Flow, Livewell Regulators
Premier’s 4700 Series Livewell Oxygen Injection Regulator is a compact, two stage, piston sensed, fixed flow, pressure reducing regulator. This 4700 series regulator was developed in cooperation with theTexas Parks & Wildlife Department’s Inland Fisheries team in San Antonio. Their research shows that,

“dissolved oxygen is the single most important factor for keeping bass alive.”**

The Livewell Oxygen Injection Regulator is all aluminum with a brass CGA 540 inlet connection for a secure attachment to oxygen cylinders. The two stage design insures the consistent delivery of the recommended flow of oxygen at all cylinder pressures. Your fish will be getting all the oxygen they need and you’ll be maximizing the life of every oxygen cylinder. The rugged stainless steel cased inlet gauge will constantly show the amount of oxygen remaining in the cylinder.
** Randy Myers and Jason Driscoll, Inland Fisheries Division Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, June 2011

  •  Very competitive pricing
  •  Compact versions available with body diameter of 1.5 in. x 5.5 in. long
  •  Machined bar stock body eliminates porosity found in castings
  •  Reduced particle contamination with 15 micron valve cartridge filter
  •  Stable set pressures as bottle pressure is reduced
  •  Interstage relief valve
  •  Stainless diaphragm option minimizes inboard diffusion of air into regulator
  •  Optional integral needle style shut off valve
  •  Optional hand knob styles available
  •  Optional piston sensed first stage
  • Anodized Colors for Aluminum Bodies & Bonnets
  • Captured Bonnet Vent
  • Gauges
  • Panel Mount Bonnet & Nut
  • Outlet Shut Off Valve
  • Private Label