4500 Series two stage regulator

Manifold with two stage regulator

Premier M4500 manifolds provide easy point of use installation to one or two cylinders. Premier M4500 Series manifolds are available in both stainless steel and brass, to accommodate use with a broad range of non-corrosive and corrosive media. Standard M4500 Series manifolds include: one 4500 Series two stage regulator, one stainless steel mounting bracket, one check valve, and optional excess flow prevention valves, hoses, integrated shut off valves and cga connections. The M4500 Series manifold provides everything you need in one compact assembly

  • Premier 4500 Series, two stage regulator
  • Stainless Steel mounting Bracket with 4 holes for 1/4” screws
  • Check valve(s) (standard)
  • Optional pigtails/hoses (for service to one or two cylinders)
  • Optional integrated Shut Off Valve
  • Optional CGA inlet connections
  • Optional excess flow prevention valves
  • Excess flow prevention valves
  • CGA connections
  • Hose pigtails (for service to one or two cylinders)
  • Integrated shut-off valve
  • Gauges
  • Critical alert gauges