High Pressure, High Flow, Pressure Reducing Regulator

Premier 3016 Series regulators are high pressure high flow, piston sensed, pressure reducing regulators rated for inlet pressures up to 10000 psig / 689.5 bar (dependent upon configuration), and (Cv) 1.0 or 2.0. Premier 3016 series regulators feature a balanced stem design for increased outlet pressure stability. Premier 3016 Series regulators are available in a variety of materials for seamless integration into your desired application. Common applications include: commercial diving, and high pressure tube trailers.

  • Self venting design
  • High flow capacity (Cv): 1.0 or 2.0
  • Balanced stem for increased outlet pressure stability
  • Piston sensed
  • Great sensitivity
  • Optional gauge ports
  • Optional air actuated design
  • Optional captured venting model
  • Machined bar stock body eliminates porosity found in castings
  • Gauge ports (1/4 NPT)
  • Air actuated design (P/N: 30-10220)
  • Captured venting (P/N: 30-10225)
  • Dome loaded design (P/N: 30-10224)
  • Private Label
  • Panel Mounting Nuts