Premier 2400 Series

high sensitivity back pressure regulator
high sensitivity back pressure regulator
High Sensitivity, Low Pressure, High Flow, Diaphragm Sensed, Back Pressure Regulator

Premier 2400 series low pressure, high flow, back pressure regulators are highly sensitive; they are capable of controlling pressures down to 1 PSIG (0.07 bar). These precision, diaphragm sensed, back pressure regulators are useful for numerous R&D controls, industrial controls, monitors, and systems. 2400 Series regulators feature a flow capacity of Cv 0.6, Viton® diaphragm with stainless steel liner, and a controlled pressure range of 0-25 PSIG (0-1.72 bar) (other pressures available upon request). Premier 2400 series regulators are capable of regulating a broad range of media as compatible with their materials of construction.

  • Flow Capacity (Cv): 0.6
  • Compact size
  • Viton® diaphragm with stainless steel liner
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Machined bar stock body, and bonnet eliminates porosity found in castings
  • Models are available for both corrosive and non- corrosive service
  • Dome loaded design available
  • Gauges
  • Hand knob
  • Panel mounting bonnet & nuts
  • Tamper resistant acorn nut
  • Private label