Changeover panel with 2300 Series line regulator

The Premier CS2300 Series is an integrated changeover system which combines our changeover regulator and line regulator into a compact, complete, wall mountable system for smooth integration into your desired application. Th Premier CS2300 changeover systems are designed to provide a continuous flow of gas, preventing outages, fluctuations in pressure, and wasted gas. When the primary gas source is consumed, the changeover regulator automatically draws from a secondary supply, whereafter the hand knob should be turned to replenish the diminished supply (arrow pointing toward the line in service). The built in line regulator ensures a stable delivery pressure. The CS2500 features Cv 0.08 and a max inlet of 3000 PSIG (dependent upon configuration).

  • Premier changeover regulator
  • Premier 2300 Series line regulator
  • Max inlet 3000 PSIG
  • Four max delivery pressures from 25 to 150 PSIG
  • Optional Stainless steel braided teflon hose
  • Optional Stainless Steel mounting Bracket with 4 holes for 1/4” screws
  • Optional excess flow prevention valves
  • Excess flow prevention valves
  • Critical altert gauges
  • CGA connections
  • Stainless steel braided teflon hose
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket with 4 holes for 1/4” screws
  • Check valves in stainless steel or brass