Demand flow regulator with transducer
Single Stage, Demand Flow Regulators

Premier’s patented, efficient, and easy to use 4902 Series demand flow regulators (also referred to as “sample regulators” and “vacuum actuated regulators”) supply gas as demanded by an analyzer and automatically shut off. The highly sensitive, patented, single stage design allows for reduced testing time, permitting the flow of gas at less than one inch water column. Furthermore, the high flow capacity of the Premier  4902 Series demand flow regulator enables multiple analyzers to be tested on a single docking station.
Premier 4902 Series regulators offer great flexibility, available in 6061-T6 aluminum, nickel plated brass, and stainless steel, with a variety of: porting options, wetted materials, o-ring seals, elastomers, gauges, and other additional options.
Premier demand flow regulators make calibration quick and easy by eliminating the need for sample bags, flow meters, or special operator training; they also save on expensive calibration gases by only transferring as much gas as demanded by the instrument.
Commonly used with:

  • gas analyzers
  • portable gas detectors
  • calibration gases
  • instruments that use pump drawn calibration gases
  • Compact size (3” diameter x 2” high)
  • The unique high flow capability of the Premier 4902 Series design allows multiple analyzers on a single docking station.
  • Versions are available with integral C10 connections
  • Versions are available with stainless steel bodies and wetted components.
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Models are available for both corrosive and non-corrosive service
  • Machined bar stock bodies eliminate porosity found in castings
  • Reduced particle contamination with 40 Micron stainless steel inlet filter
  • Integral Relief Valve
  • CGA Connections
  • Optional hose barbs available in outlet
  • Private Label