High Pressure Loaded, Piston Sensed, Pressure Reducing Regulator

Premier 3025HPL Series regulators are high pressure loaded, piston sensed, single stage, pressure reducing regulators, rated for inlet pressures up to 20000 psig (1378.95 bar), loading pressure up to 1500 psig (103.42 bar) and Cv 0.04 (in full open condition). Available with outlet:loader ratios of 5:1, and 13:1. Captured venting standard.

With over 4 times the sensing area of the 3025 Series regulator, the 3025HPL Series allows precise control in applications where high pressure loading supplies are available.

  • Rated for inlet pressures up to 20000 PSIG (1378.95 bar)
  • Max loading pressure: 1500 psig (103.42 bar)
  • Load ratios: 5:1, 13:1 (outlet:loader ratio)
  • Flow capacity (Cv): 0.04 (in full open condition)
  • Captured venting
  • Machined bar stock body, bonnet and piston eliminates porosity found in castings
  • Private label
  • Gauges