High Pressure, High Sensitivity, Diaphragm Sensed, Pressure Reducing Regulators

Premier 3400 Series high pressure, diaphragm sensed, pressure reducing regulators offer high sensitivity with precise outlet pressure control. These precision, diaphragm sensed, pressure reducing regulators are rated for inlet pressures up to 6000 psig (414 bar), outlet pressures up to 600 psig (41.4 bar), and Cv 0.06 or 0.20. The 3400 Series self-venting option enables the operator to vent downstream pressures through the regulator to reduce the pressure in a closed system. The self-venting feature can be rendered non-operational if a non-venting design is desired.

  • Great sensitivity
  • Large elastomeric diaphragm
  • Optional panel mounting bracket
  • Self-venting and non-venting options
  • 300 series stainless steel filter extends the life of the seat
  • Cv 0.06, 0.20
  • Panel mounting bracket
  • Gauges
  • Private labeling