High Pressure, Gas, Pressure Reducing Regulators

The high pressure Premier 3000 Series pressure reducing regulators are single stage, piston sensed, variable delivery, pressure reducing regulators, designed for inlet and outlet pressures up to 10000 PSIG (689.5 bar) and Cv 0.06, 0.12, or 0.2.
Premier 3000 Series regulators are used to regulate a broad range of non-corrosive and corrosive media (based on materials of construction). They are designed for increased serviceability and reliable operation with the integral 15 micron stainless steel valve cartridge filter. Premier 3000 Series regulators can be supplied with a wide range of inlet and outlet configurations for smooth integration into your desired application.

  • Self-venting with adjustable bonnet vent valve
  • Non-venting and captured venting options available
  • 15 micron sintered 316 stainless steel inlet filter
  • Cv 0.06, 0.12, or 0.2
  • Machined bar stock body, bonnet, and piston eliminates porosity found in castings
  • Numerous optional features are available
  • Economical pricing
  • Private label
  • Panel mounting bracket: P/N: 30-10059 (Ø2.15 panel hole)
  • Panel mounting nuts: P/N: 30-10189 (Ø2.28 panel hole)
  • Tamper-resistant acorn nut (P/N: 30-10000, or 30-10212)
  • Captured vent port model (P/N: 30-10206)